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Basically the Empower Network Review is a simple 3 Step Formula in creating a strong residual income.

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Empower Network is a company for network marketer by network marketer. David Wood and David Sharpe (the creators) have bare none done the most selfless thing that any major marketer has ever done before in the history of the internet. (More on that in a minute)

Empower Network is comprised of ready made blogging platforms, where a person can start blogging like a pro for as little as $25 bucks a month and has the potential to make $625 per sale up front with $125 month of residual income without having to go through the trouble of setting up a blog.

To make things even better they have a training program that teaches you how to create an endless flow of leads that will have a strong interest in joining this program.

Then on top of that they have created a ready made sale funnel that literally take a lead from opting into page to closing them with a killer sales video that converts leads to sales like crazy (my own closing numbers that I have experienced so far with this program is about 10%, meaning for every 10 people that looked at ready made high converting sales page I get a commission, which is freaking bananas).

So why is Empower Network’s leaders David Wood and David Sharp the most selfless marketers on the Net?

Instead of offering affiliates 50% or less for promoting their product to the market place. David and David, have decided to stay off of the soap box and stay in the trenches with all of us and allow everyone the opportunity to make 100% commission just, as they do.

But they don’t just leave you hanging there, if you have been trying to make money online at all then you know, that one of the biggest challenges that you face, when it comes to selling stuff, is that it’s not as easy as it looks. Sell stuff online requires skills that can take years to develop effectively. However, these guys have already figured it out. They literally do all selling for you and you can just keep the money. Basically means you can start marking money like the guru’s do without being a guru.

They have literally forgone their ability to reap the benefits of taking 50% or more of what the affiliates makes and left money on the table up from grabs for anyone who is will to work for it.

And let’s be real it’s not nearly as hard to sell an opportunity to people that has them in a position to potentially make more in passive income in one month than their network marketing opportunity could potentially pay them in one year.

The Empower Network: Gives you the freedom to:

instantly make money that goes directly into your bank account

So you might saying to yourself, this is empower network review sounds just way too good to be true, whats the catch right?

There are 3 levels in which you can get in, each level in which you buy in you get automatic resell rights:

The first level is at 25 bucks a month, you get a viral blog system. This is allow inclusive start kit. For this you get own word press blog, S.E.O. optimized blog, with hosting, pluggins and a kick ass sales funnel designed by one of the finest marketers (David Wood) and copywriters (David Sharpe) in the mlm game today. This is a 100% technical free process. All you have to do is blog Daily, Tell Others and Make Money. If you can follow this process you will be on your way. One sale will pay you back your money, the second sale puts you in the green, if you are new to marketing this way to go.

The second level is 100 bucks a month, this is called the inner circle. In my humble opinion this is really the level that you should join at if you have some level of marketing experience. If you have a specific skill like search engine option, Facebook marketing or PPC. And you are confident that you can get 10 leads a day or more then I would 100% go with this. This more for people who are looking to make 6 figures.

The last level is a one time fee for 500 bucks, this is called the Costs Rica Intensive. This was a 2 day retreat shot by video where David Wood took 15 high level income earners. Who were in a mastermind, asking all fundamental questions of how build thriving sales funnel, develop leadership skill. Talks about psychology, attitude and mentality of gurus or making millions of dollars. 8 hours or pure info to show you how to make 7 figures a year.

I suggest simply starting at the $25 dollar level and working your way up as your income increases, This is going to be around for a long time there is no rush
Take a look at the video here and click the join link when the timer hits zero.

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